SkyGrid Brings Realtime News Aggregator To Android Phones

SkyGrid, a startup that offers a powerful business news aggregator, is bringing its popular application to Android devices today.

SkyGrid’s app allows you to add filters to news streams, with the aim of giving you the most important news right as it’s happening. Using the startup’s patented algorithm, Information Velocity; SkyGrid measures what news is spreading the fastest across the world, and brings that content directly to its apps.

So users will know what news is relevant based on the people, topics, and events, that are spreading the fastest around the whole world. The app itself streams information from mainstream news, social sites, and blogs and allows you to share news articles and streams on the app via email, Twitter and Facebook.

SkyGrid For Android also allows you to filter news by type, with news centralized around politics, tech, sports, entertainment, healthcare and more. And you can create custom streams that combine different types of news, follow streams, and access SkyGrid’s featured news that are trending globally.

The Android apps also takes advantage of the devices search capabilities by offering one-tap search, a faster UI, and easier sharing (to Facebook, Twitter and email) directly from articles.

Considering the app’s popularity on the iPad and iPhone, the Android app should see decent traction.