Almost three-quarters of Brits check Facebook in bed, while one in five text during sex

Britain’s a nation of Facebook-ers, that much we already know. But now new research from technology experts Travelodge — OK, it’s a chain of cheap and not so-cheerful hotels — has revealed that almost three-quarters of UK adults check Facebook in bed (72%).

Specifically, the survey of 6,000 adults reveals that Brits spend an average of 16 minutes each night on the uber-social network, with the peak time being 9.45pm.

I know… Facebook?! Personally, I have better things to do last thing at night, like, I dunno, checking email and Twitter. Apparently, I’m not alone. The results of the survey also show that 18% of UK adults tweet every night in bed whilst one in five Brits “catch up on the latest news from their favourite celebrities and friends via Twitter”, which makes perfect sense.

In case you’re wondering – yes, Brits are still very much addicted to text messaging too. Sixty five per cent of respondents stated that “the very last thing they do before nodding off at night is to check their mobile phone for text messages”, averaging 9 minutes before they fall asleep.

Bizarrely, 20% of those surveyed confessed that “they have stopped mid-way whilst making love with their partner to check on an incoming text message”.


All of which is slightly unhealthy, explains psychologist Corinne Sweet. “By texting, tweeting, surfing and writing on our walls in bed we are nodding off with a busy mind which impacts upon our quality of sleep during the night.”

I concur.

Sweet continues: “Bedtime should be associated with calming down and chilling out with a good book, listening to easy music, catching up with your partner or enjoying a love-making session; in order to get a night of deep, nourishing sleep.”

In other words, make love not Facebook. Or something like that.

Alternatively, there’s always the Kindle.