Keen On… Are We All Becoming Robert Scoble? (TCTV)

Who doesn’t know Scoble? A-list blogger, Twitter evangelist, Rackspace videographer, serious party-boy, Robert Scoble is one of Silicon Valley’s most ubiquitous and transparent figures – a seemingly fully public personality in our open-sourced age of publicness.

In person, though, Scoble isn’t quite Scoble. For all his professions of transparency and his claims that privacy is dead, there’s still something slightly hidden, perhaps even mysterious about the real life Robert Scoble. And that’s why I invited him onto my show. As a fully public personality with a global brand who, nonetheless, has cultivated a certain distance from himself, Scoble may well be all our futures. So watch him and learn how to develop a successful identity in our new attention economy. One day, for better or worse, we may all be Robert Scoble.

Scoble on the death of privacy

Scoble on the future of social media (location, location and location)

Scoble looks back at 2010

Scoble looks forward to 2011