ClickFox Raises $18M, Helps Clients Get A Cross-Channel View On Customer Behavior

According to an SEC filing, ClickFox has raised roughly $17.9 million in fresh funding. ClickFox started out in 2000 as a Web analytics company, but has matured into a full-fledged multi-channel metrics provider that aims to help its clients get a complete view on customer experience.

Update: a press release confirms the financing round, which was led by Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners. ClickFox says it has achieved profitability and will use the new funds to expand its sales and marketing efforts worldwide.

ClickFox realizes that customers engage with companies through a variety of service channels these days, from visiting a website, voice calling and online chat applications to kiosks, retail stores and mobile apps and websites, and aims to serve its clients with a cross-channel dashboard for keeping tabs on this complex tangle of touchpoints in order to gain insights into how and why customers behave the way they do.

ClickFox CEO Marco Pacelli and CFO Sharon Lynch are named in the filing, along with directors Dave Johnson (Jenne Distributors), Geoffrey Oblak (Ascent Venture Partners), Amnon Shoham (Cedar Fund), Ofer Timor (Delta Ventures) and Laurie Olivier (Veritas Venture Partners).

The list of venture capital firms that have participated in the $18 million round mirror that of the current backers as listed on ClickFox’s website. Last time the company raised funding was back in June 2008, when ClickFox secured $12.5 million.