Bar Android: Tokyo Now Has A Drinking Place For Android Geeks

Yesterday, we reported that Android is on the rise in some regions in Asia, but I believe not one of the countries the article refers to (Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore etc.) has what Japan has: a Bar Android. As the name suggests, it’s a bar specifically geared towards fans of the Google OS.

You can enter without owning an Android handset, but the bar, which is located in Tokyo’s Shibuya district, is just open on Monday (Japanese Facebook fan page, official Twitter account). Even iPhone users are allowed in, I heard.

I haven’t visited the bar yet (I live in Tokyo), but some local users say it has quickly become a popular drinking place among Japanese Android geeks already (it opened just a few days ago).

The person behind the idea, an Android fan himself, is offering special food like the Gingerbread man you see pictured below (get it?).

Via Japanese VW via Asiajin