BlackBerry Roulette: Would you play it?

Dang it, CollegeHumor. This idea had such potential: pick a random passerby, grab their BlackBerry, put’em in front of a roulette wheel, then offer them 100 bucks to send whatever fake message their luck lands them on. The catch: they only get the money if they wait 5 minutes to admit to the person on the other end that it was just a gag. Alas, a few weak prank messages and inconveniently sleeping recipients keep the video from reaching its full lols-potential.

So why post it? In hopes that it inspires CollegeHumor (or someone else) to take another stab at it, to be honest. Less dumb Beatles questions, more awkward situations (Keep it light-hearted. Don’t go pranking people by telling them their pets are dead, jerks.) Make them wait a bit longer than 5 minutes — and in the mean time, offer up potential follow-up responses for bonus cash. You get the idea.

[Via IntoMobile]