Video: New Verizon ad confirms December launch for LTE network

You loves the 4Gs, but don’t want to leave Verizon, right? You’ve been eagerly awaiting any extra info since they launched their teaser site in September, yeah?

Well, I’ve got a clip that’s sure to get your skin all goosebumply.

The most interesting part of the clip is the confirmation that the network will launch in December 2010 (that’s next month, for those people in the audience that don’t do the whole “time” thing).

Actually, it’s also interesting that Verizon refer to their network as “the most advanced 4G network in the world.” I don’t know how they’re defining “advanced”, but it certainly isn’t with speed, as TeliaSonera’s LTE network delivers 43mbps 80mbps (thanks, Michael!) download speeds in Stockholm, while Verizon will only offer downloads at up to 12mbps (possibly less, if you don’t opt for a high-speed plan).

Similarly, Sprint’s 4G network offers up to 12mbps, while T-mobile’s “4G” network offers up to 21mbps.

What’s un-interesting about the launch is that there won’t be any phones available that can take advantage of the network until next year. For the mean-time, however, you can always use a USB modem.

If you’re keen for more info than the video delivers, then you can check Verizon’s site here.

And, finally, if you want to know if your city is in one of the 38 markets seeing the launch, then you can check their coverage map here.

[via Into Mobile]