RIAA Once Again Upset At LimeWire Over Limewire Pirate Edition

The RIAA, still fighting the good fight. LimeWire as you knew it was shut down a few weeks ago because of an RIAA-secured court order. So LimeWire says, “OK, we’ll alter the application so that it complies with your wished, RIAA.” Today we’ve learnt that a new LimeWire has started to circle around the Internet, and now the RIAA is having another fit. Again: let’s just ban music altogether. It’s the best solution to this mess.

A site had popped up called Meta Pirate (ugh, grow up, people) that had started offering a new version of LimeWire, called LimeWire Pirate Edition. It’s this edition that has the RIAA all bent out of shape, saying that someone connected to LimeWire is behind the site, and that someone needs to be held accountable.

LimeWire, of course, has denied any involvement with LimeWire Pirate Edition, and that it is fully complying with the previous court order.