Doom Comes To Android… As A Live Wallpaper

Doom has been (unofficially) available for Android for at least a year now — but why stop there? In the just-because-we-can spirit of hacking Doom onto anything within reach, someone just tweaked and smashed it… into a live wallpaper.

It’s not the actual game, of course; that’d be a bit pointless given that it’d be mostly unplayable, what with the icons floating all over everywhere. However, someone has taken a few of the sprites and a bit of the code and hacked up an endless battle scene between Doomguy and a bunch of constantly respawning demons.

Our buds over at PocketNow were kind enough to shoot a video of the live wallpaper in action. They also thought to include some footage of a live wallpaper featuring a hamster running in its wheel, which is great because nothing goes with violence and exploding demons from hell like hamsters.