Dell Streak to get Froyo by month's end

All you giant-handed Dell Streak owners rejoice! Dell have confirmed (via Facebook) that everyone’s favourite phone-that-thought-it-was-a-tablet will receive the update to (the soon to be deprecated) Froyo by the end of this month.

The update will roll out in the UK initially, with other regions (including the US) following shortly after.

Best of all, it will be delivered over-the-air, so all you have to do to upgrade is sit back and wait for the notification to appear on your device.

Dell have said that they hope to get the update out before the end of November, but there are different models requiring slightly different builds, so some people may not get the update before month’s end. If you haven’t got it by the end of this month, just hold tight, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming.

[via Android Community]