Leaked: Android 2.2.1 for the original Motorola Droid

Still rockin’ the original Droid? Sick and tired of Android 2.2 (which, by the way, most Android handsets still don’t have)? I know, I know — all the cool kids (read: Nexus One owners) are on Android 2.2.1.

Don’t sweat it, Droid owners — you can get all up in that marginally improved goodness. It just requires a bit of hacking.

The gents over at MyDroidWorld have gotten their self-proclaimed “grubby little hands” on a build of Android 2.2.1 built for the original Droid, and have opted to share it with all. The nice folks that they are, they went ahead and rooted it for you right off the bat. Find the download right over here.

So what’s new? Erm, good question. Bug fixes? Probably. Speed improvements? Perhaps. An additional number at the end of the version number, thereby making your handset inherently cooler than everyone else’s? Absolutely!