Survey says Android owners secretly suffer iPhone-envy

Cue fanboi wars.

According to an incredibly opportunistic survey carried out by mobile comparison website, Android owners are four times more likely to covet an iPhone than vice versa. Specifically, a third of Android owners polled admitted to suffering severe iPhone-envy, whilst just seven per cent of iPhone users said that they’d prefer an Android-powered smartphone.

I say smartphone but actually the survey also found that quite a few respondents didn’t know what the term meant. And who can blame them, such is the blurring of feature and smartphone definitions. Noteworthy perhaps is that there was a marked difference based on gender. Only seven per cent of men were unaware of what the term ‘smartphone’ meant, compared to 18% of women.

The gender differences also played out in the choice of smartphone. “Women were found to be particularly strong supporters of the iPhone, with nearly three quarters of those surveyed stating it was the most desirable model”, according to the survey’s report.

But back to the headline story.

Why are so many Android owners closet iPhone fans? “I think it’s telling that so many Android owners desire, yet don’t own an iPhone, which I believe points to price being the prohibitive factor”, says a MyPhoneDeals spokesman, who perhaps wisely chose to remain anonymous.

So it’s official then. Android is the poor person’s iPhone.