The SenseFly Swinglet CAM: Your Very Own UAV

This little drone isn’t quite as destructive or versatile as a Predator, but it probably costs a few million dollars less. It’s basically a little flying wing with stabilizers and a rear propeller, with a camera poking out of its belly. So essentially, it’s a micro version of real aerial survey vehicles.

Sure, you could just use Google Earth, but the Swinglet is up and running in just a few minutes (I love that you shake it to start it up and then just let it go) — then you set your GPS coordinates and have brand new birds-eye imagery on your laptop within a half-hour. Very useful for… well, I don’t know, someone. I think it’s cool regardless of practical applications.

Not sure how much they cost; price isn’t listed on the website, which usually means they’re not for hobbyists (read: pretty expensive). But I do like the idea of home aerial surveillance.

[via LikeCool]