The Meizu M9 Finally Gets Some Proper Spy Shots

If you haven’t been following the story of Meizu, you’ve missed quite the spectacle. One of China’s many fine electronics manufacturers, Meizu first gained notoriety with the M8 miniOne, a Windows Phone CE 6 handset hacked and tweaked to look strikingly similar to an iPhone — so much so, in fact, that Apple purportedly unleashed their lawyers on them earlier this month.

For the past few months, Meizu has been talking up their next handset: the Android-powered (and hopefully less iOS-esque) M9. Though it’s seen more than it’s fair share of delays, Meizu has managed to keep things mostly under wraps. Besides a few mostly nebulous shots released (and then quickly pulled) by the company’s CEO, the M9 has successfully dodged the camera lens.. until now.

In an almost-questionably sudden manner, a plethora of M9 shots have all leaked out this morning on the official Chinese Meizu forums, spotted first by the fans at Meizu Me:

Last but not least (but also not really “leaked”), the design firm behind the M9 has released what looks to be a rendered shot of the handset’s rear:

All in all, it looks … pretty much as you’d expect hardware from a Chinese factory known for clones to look: about as generic as possible. At an unlocked price of around $360 bucks, though, the supposed specs — a 3.6″ screen running at 720×480 (or a Retina-display-challenging 960×640, depending on whether or not a claim from Meizu’s founder holds true), 1Ghz CPU, 5 megapixel camera, and HDMI out — might make up for that a bit, be it that they pan out.