Need Buttons For Your iPhone Games? Tactile+Plus Stickers Might Work

These cheap little stickers may look like impulse buys from a dollar store, but they might actually be pretty handy if you’re a big iOS gamer. Basically they just provide little bumps so you can tell where the virtual buttons are without checking or fumbling around.

I’ve found the controls on more complicated iPhone and iPad games to be like the ones on console FPSes: tolerable, but by no means excellent. A little physical feedback goes a long way. My friend tells me that Street Fighter IV plays great on the phone, but I just don’t believe that for a second.

The stickers are made of a conductive material, so your touches will go through to the screen as if there’s nothing there at all — or so they say.

Since Apple won’t make or approve any decent gamepad adapters, I guess we’re left to weird workarounds like this. At only ¥630 ($7-8), they’re not much of an investment, though, so if you see a pack on one of your trips to Akihabara, give it a shot.

[via Gadget Lab]