Mimo Usenet Browser: Now Available For Giganews' Diamond Members

Giganews, the biggest Usenet provider around, has a new feature for Diamond members that’s certainly worth mentioning here. They’ve teamed up with Golden Frog—yes, the same people who developed Giganews’ VyperVPN service—to create a brand new Usenet browser. It’s called Mimo Usenet Browser, and could be an easy way to get acquainted with the many wonders of Usenet, which is still, to this day, the best part of the Internet.

First thing’s first: the browser works for both Windows and Mac. Whew, right?

With that out of the way…

What is it? It’s a Usenet browser, built “from the ground up” to take advantage of Giganews’ long retention times and robust file integrity.

You use it to, yes, browse around Usenet. Not only can you use it to read the actual discussions on Usenet—I still read some of the game groups in the comp.* hierarchy—but you can use it to browse binary groups.

View inline photos and the like… like this!

What’s better than fractals?

And perhaps most important: you can use it to search across all binary groups.

So, if you search for something it’ll pop up right there in the browser.

Granted, I wouldn’t be surprised if many Giganews users, particularly Diamond members, have already moved onto something like SABnzbd, an automated daemon that makes downloading from Usenet absolutely painless, but there’s nothing wrong with having an extra option.

Particularly free options.