Is this thing on? Join us on Twitter for our first Friday CrunchGear Writer Interaction Thing

All of us at CrunchGear love you. Yes, you.

We seriously dig our readers — unfortunately, we rarely get the opportunity to talk to you guys. We’re usually too mobbed blasting out news about whatever electro-doodad the kids are talking about to sit down and chat with you — and that’s something that bums us out.

In hopes of addressing this, we’re going to try a bit of an experiment: each Friday, we’re going to have one of our writers take over the @CrunchGear twitter account. It’s up to them to decide what to Tweet (though we’ll still be tweeting our stories, of course). Maybe it’ll be about gadgets. Maybe it’ll be about Justin Bieber. Maybe we’ll just up and decide to give some stuff away. You’ll never know!

Here’s what you should know: if you send an @ to CrunchGear on a Friday, you’ll be talking to a living, breathing CrunchGear writer instead of the normal, faceless robot that endlessly spews out our headlines. The first writer on the bat? Yours truly. Join me over on Twitter, won’t you?