AT&T cries foul on T-mobile's "largest 4G network" claim

Let the advertising wars begin a-fresh. Last week, T-mobile launched a new marketing campaign that brands their HSPA+ network as “America’s Largest 4G Network“.

Clearly, AT&T are unhappy about this.

In an email to Phone Scoop today, AT&T called into question T-mobile’s numbers, stating:

“T-Mobile’s claims about 4G are based on the same HSPA+ technology we have deployed to 180 million people today, more than T-Mobile’s reported 140 million, and we’ll have it rolled out to 250 million people by the end of this month, substantially more than the 200 million T-Mobile says it will have by year-end.”

AT&T also wanted to make clear that their network can also reach the same 21mbps max theoretical bandwidth that T-mobile claims for their “4G” network.

Of course, the biggest drawback that AT&T is facing today in getting customers on-board with 4G speeds is the lack of handsets available that use the technology. T-mobile currently have two, while AT&T offer… none. They do, however, offer USB modems.

It’s now up to AT&T’s marketing department to decide whether or not they want to jump on board with the 4G moniker, and if they do, it could call into question the accuracy of T-mobile’s new slogan.

But that probably won’t stop T-mobile from using it.

[via Android Community]