T-mobile HSPA+ network rolling out across the US, branded as 4G

Despite the technical arguments that T-mobile’s 4G-like HSPA+ network is technically 3G, T-mobile have decided to run with the 4G moniker, marketing it as “America’s Largest 4G Network” as they roll it out across many cities in the US.

To back up this news, T-Mo News have received a photo of pamphlet holder that shows off the new slogan (shown below).

Despite the technicalities, T-Mo’s HSPA+ network is still faster than Sprints competing 4G WiMAX network, with a promised max download rate of 21mbps, compared to WiMAX’s 10mbps.

The latest handsets to take advantage of their HSPA+ network are the The G2 and the myTouch 4G, both of which run Android 2.2.

If you’re keen to get on board with the high-speed network, you can check coverage here.

[via Android Community]