Android 2.3's system screen caught in a screenshot?

Take this with the grainiest grain of salt in all of Grainysaltsville for now, as photoshopping something like this would take little more than 18 seconds and dash of boredom — but according to GizmoFusion, that shot you’re looking at up above is pulled straight off a handset running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

Fear not! Their source came bearing alleged details, as well.

According to their tipster, Gingerbread should offer up considerably better battery life thanks to “better power management”, a new call button, and a few other graphical tweaks throughout the UI. Last we heard, the Android team was also crackin’ away at a whole new copy-and-paste system (moving beyond just copy and pasting text), improved social networking integration, and playback support for Google’s WebM video format.

Alas, it’s all up in the air until Google comes out and confirms a feature list — even things that are in beta builds are subject to getting pushed back to the next release at the last minute.

Any hopes and dreams for features that Google manages to squeeze into Gingerbread? Drop’em in a comment below.