The Dreamcast Ain't Dead Yet: SD And MicroSD Card Adapters Released For Sega's Classic Console

How many of you out there still have your Dreamcasts tucked away somewhere? Nice. Me too. I mean, when you’ve got classics like Chu Chu Rocket, Skies of Arcadia, Soul Calibur, Rez, and more all still looking as good as they did in 1999 (actually still pretty good), why would you throw it away? And now you don’t even have to worry about finding your old discs. This SD card adapter means all the games, emulators, and other stuff are as easy to run as a memory card.

To be honest, I wouldn’t feel too bad about pirating games for this system now. I’ve been known to grab a used Dreamcast game at GameStop now and then for $3, but Sega &co. aren’t seeing any of that, and I think the best thing you can do is appreciate their last hardware effort and classics like Sonic Adventure for all they’re worth.

To do that, you can either get this MicroSD adapter for $5 (!), or you could actually just buy a new Dreamcast that’s been modded with a front-loading SD card slot and extra video options in the back. I don’t think you’ll find anyone to play Phantasy Star Online with you, but the rest of the games should be more than playable.

For the record, I think the best Nintendo emulator ever put together was for the Dreamcast. NesterDC SE, you were far and away the best way for playing NES games, on any platform. I salute you.

[via Technabob and Slashdot; image: Penny Arcade]