Can Samsung Replicate Apple's Success As A ‘Brand Curator?’

Will Samsung ever be as big as Apple? Well, maybe “big” isn’t the word to use, maybe “hot”? You know what I mean: whenever Apple has a media day, everyone loses their minds, even if the event isn’t really all that special. The closest Samsung has gotten, I think, was this past September at IFA in Germany, where it announced the Galaxy Tab. Tons of people in the crowd&mdash:I was there, remember—and tons of heat online after the fact.

There’s an article in Advertising Age that talks about Samsung’s goal to double sales by 2020, and it plans to do that by moving away from the Samsung that makes a lot of good stuff across all sorts of product lines, to a Samsung that becomes a “curator brand.” Someone who sets trends rather than merely following them.

ESPN was cited as the sports brand. In the U.S., when you think of sports you think of ESPN.

Samsung wants to be the ESPN of electronics. When you think of electronics, you think of Samsung.

Right now, I suppose, when you think of phones you think of the iPhone. When you think of tablets, you think of the iPad. (In fact, you probably don’t even think of tablets to begin with, but think of the iPad, then realize that the iPad is a tablet.)