Buyometric – a flash sales aggregator with a laser-focus on personalisation

Yet another daily deal and flash sales aggregator launches today. You know the format: pull in all of the local Groupon-clone type offers and those from private buying clubs such as Brand Alley, and offer them up in a single destination or email. But actually, Buyometric (aside from the name) may have got the format just right with its laser-focus on personalisation and a very user-friendly interface.

London-based Buyometric sets out to solve the problem of in-box clutter by only pushing deals relevant to each user. It does this by scanning hundreds of daily deals and flash sales and automatically classifying them using a series of filters. Users personalise their Buyometric profile by selecting any number of keywords from a list of tags so that they only receive the deals that match. If no matching deals are found on a particular day, no email is sent.

While other aggregators have built in a degree of personalisation, Buyometric says that these are mostly limited to location or very broad categories.

The sources that Buyometric currently scan include big names such as Groupon and Groupola and sales clubs Brand Alley and SecretSales, however the startup aims to incorporate “all higher-end promotions” whatever the source. Interestingly, although Buyometric relies on an affiliate revenue model, not all of the offers it aggregates are official partners, meaning that some, presumably, don’t bring in revenue. The idea is to make Buyometric as useful as possible, proving the value to end-users, rather than negating certain offers because of a lack of affiliation. That’s probably a smart move.