Samsung Continuum, LG Vortex coming to Verizon Oct 29?

You remember the Samsung Continuum, don’t you? That Galaxy S variant (the world needs another, right?) that’s endowed with a ticker-style secondary display? I thought you would! It’s unforgettable!

How about the LG Vortex? You’d be forgiven if you forgot about that one… it’s only a budget phone, after all.

Either way, if you’re looking for a budget or high-end Android device, Verizon will have you covered come Oct 29, according to one of Droid Life‘s sources.

Unfortunately, there is no word on price for either device just yet. You can expect the Continuum to cost around what the Fascinate cost at release ($199 + two years of your life), and the Vortex to cost very little.

[via Into Mobile]