Shapeways Now Lets You Make Stuff Out Of Silver – Werewolves Beware

Are you getting a bum quote from your local silversmith for the creation of a silver knuckle duster? Me too. They just don’t understand the importance of protecting ourselves from the lycanthropic scourge. Now, however, you can get together with a 3D modeler friend and make some sweet silver accessories for those terrifying full-moon melees.

Yes, Silver is the latest material to be supported by fabrication site Shapeways. Steel is, of course, more practical for blades and brass gets a really nice patina, but when it comes to wolfmen, there’s really only one material you want to work with, and that’s silver.

Unfortunately they don’t use consecrated metal, so this is useless against ghosts, ghouls, rogue elvish, and bugbears, but let’s be honest, if you don’t have holy water around the house to dip your tools in, you probably shouldn’t be engaging in war with the sorcerous and undead to begin with.

More details about pricing and design rules can be found at the Shapeways blog.