Get a free 3-month Zune Pass if you pre-order a WinPho7 handset

If yesterday’s announcement (or months of leaks) sold you on Microsoft’s freshest mobile OS, and you’re planning on pre-ordering one of the many WinPho7 handsets (and you live in the US), then you should really listen up.

Microsoft are running a little promo at the moment, whereas you give them your email address, pre-order a Windows Phone, and they’ll give you a 3-month Zune Pass.

To quote their website:

Sign-up to be notified to pre-order the new Windows Phone, and we’ll give you unlimited music for 3 months with a Zune Pass—FREE*. Just give us your email address. When Windows Phone is ready to pre-order, use the same e-mail address you sent to us, and when your Windows Phone ships, we’ll send you a 3-month Zune Pass, free. So not only will you get pictures, people, games, music and more, all in the palm of your hand—you’ll get as much music as you want for three months, on us.

Thank me later.

[via WP Central]