Hotas Warthog Is A $500 Super Crazy Flightstick (Now All You Need Is A Good Game)

What happened to flight sims? I remember walking down the aisles of whatever store in the mall, back in the day, and seeing sim after sim. But no more! Kids are too interested in shooting the Opposing Force these days, I suppose. They’re missing out! Yes, they’re missing out on the joy of buying a multi-monitor setup and shelling out primo cash for a fancy flight stick. Say hello to the Hotas Warthog, and say goodbye to $499.

Thrustmaster created the stick, and it’s apparently a full-scale replica of the stick found in the U.S. Air Force A-10C.

There’s a grand total of 55 programmable buttons here, which is mind-boggling to me. I guess I’m used to PilotWings 64-style depth: hold A to fly and move the control stick to steer. Simpler times.

I mean, it’s basically ridiculous. I suppose all you’d need is a proper game to play it with.

Or maybe it’s backwards compatible with all those old Star Wars PC games.