Palm P102UEU says hello to the FCC

Do you remember a couple o’ days ago when we told you about the upcoming Palm “Mansion” handset? You know, the one with the 800×480 screen and no keyboard. Yeah, that one!

Well, I’m not saying it’s the same device (it probably is), but a device known as the Palm P102UEU has just gotten its love on with the FCC.

The Palm Pre was known as the P100, and the Pre Plus the P101, so it’s pretty safe to assume that this, the P102, is the successor to the Pre Plus (rather than the Pixi).

But what about that suffix, eh? The Palm Pre model had two different suffixes, the UNA (UMTS for North America) and the UEU (UMTS for Europe).

The fact that the European version met with the FCC, but the North American version hasn’t yet is nothing to be concerned about.

It’s coming.

[via Pre Central]

Update: Pre Central are doing some serious digging on the specs for this phone, and believe it has a 1GHz CPU, and a slider design… so this probably isn’t the “Mansion”. If you’re interested, be sure ‘n’ check ’em out.

Update Update: Looks like this is the Palm Pre 2, not the “Mansion”.