Master Lock Vault: The Secure App + Web Site For All Your Passwords

Now this could be useful for some of you of there in Internet Wonderland. It’s the Master Lock Vault, a part-App, part-Web site “service” that keeps all your various usernames and passwords safe and secure, all in one place. The whole shebang is free to use.

The concept isn’t hard to follow: you have 800 passwords for your various Internet accounts, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of them. I know I use five “main” rotating passwords across my various accounts—it’s easy to get mixed up! (Work with me here, people.) So what you do is plug in all of your various U/Ps inside the Monster Lock Vault, which is protected by a 256-bit encrypted password in and of itself.

You can tap into the Vault either by visiting the Web site (available in desktop and mobile versions) or the iOS App.

Now, of course, 256-bit encryption is pretty darn useless if you have a sticky note on your computer monitor that reads: MASTER LOCK VAULT PASSWORD IS [WHATEVER]. In that nightmare scenario, your evil co-worker will then have access to every single thing you hold dear.

Be smart, in other words.