Fancy Moleskin iPhone & iPad Cases Prompt Question: What Do You Look For In A Case?

So here’s an honest question: how do you guys go about looking for and buying an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch case? Do you go to device-specific sites (like iLounge) and look up case reviews? Troll message boards? Search on Amazon for “iphone case”? Or do you go to Wal-Mart (or wherever), go to the iPhone aisle, and pick up the first thing you see, and for the cheapest price available?

I only bring this up because I was just alerted to these Moleskin covers for the iPhone and iPad. They look spiffy enough, and certainly err on the “professional” side on the looks departure. They’re not Justin Bieber cases, that is.

The cases do one thing that’s sorta interesting, in that they combine a case with a notebook of sorts, giving you a couple of pages of blank paper.

So, a nice-looking Moleskin case: black cover, suede interior, you know the deal.

They’re not available yet, but you can hop on Amazon‘s little e-mail alerts to knew when they go on sale (and for how much).