XM Snap: Not A Dock, But A Radio For Your Car

Sirius XM has a new radio that’s poised to solve all of their problems. It’s called the XM Snap (first discovered, and erroneously thought to be a dock, a few weeks ago), and it marks the first time I’ve seen the XM brand name used in quite some time. SIRIUS xm, in other words.

One picture pretty much tells you all you need to know. (But there are other pictures, too.)

You plug one end into a power socket (or cigarette lighter), attach the antenna, and off you go.

Then you can listen to the Virus, the only channel worth listening to on the platform. One of the stars of the Virus? Mr. Fez Whatley, who has a 3-0 record against heart attacks. You can’t keep him down, heart attacks, so stop trying. This is Fez Marie Whatley you’re dealing with here.

The price isn’t too bad, coming in at $59. It’ll be available in October from the XM shop.

Of course, you need to be a Sirius XM subscriber to be able to use the thing, and even then you need to be an XM subscriber. (It’s an XM radio.) If you want to listen to Sirius stuff you can then add the Best of Sirius to your account.