Verizon Data Dump: Storm3 Cancelled, Tons of New Android phones on the way?

Our buddies (brothers?) over at Engadget just had a massive pile of info land in their inbox. There’s lots of good news in here for Android fans — but if you were looking forward to the Storm3, you might want to take a deep breath before diving behind the jump.

The news, as they’re hearing it:

  • The Storm3? After leaking out last week and looking more and more like “Storm 2.5” rather than the major revision its name implies, word is that it’s dead in the water.
  • The Samsung Continuum, a dual-screened Android-powered monster, launches in either October or November.
  • The Moto Venus, a purportedly Blackberry-esque (Candybar?) machine with a 1 GHZ CPU, QWERTY keyboard, and — get this — both CDMA and GSM radios, is planned for October
  • Another Android phone for October/November: the HTC Merge, otherwise known as the Lexicon
  • The LG enV Pro (or is that the enV Touch 2?) will be the first handset in the enV line to be rockin’ Android and a 1GHZ CPU when it lands sometime in November

Also mentioned: early rumors about a 10″ Android tablet from Motorola (complete with some sort of LTE compatibility), a handful of new USB tethering devices, and software updates for Tour, Bold 9650, and Curve 3G.. all scheduled within the next few months. Not bad, Verizon, not bad.

Do you think this is the end of the Storm line? Did the rough launch of the first Storm kill the chance of a successful sequel, was the Storm 3 just too small of an update for Verizon’s tastes, or is it a combination of all of the above?