TechCrunch Disrupt – In Pictures

The TechCrunch staff has been pretty busy these last few days, what with throwing and covering a conference and all, but our excellent event photographers (Dave Getzschman, Max Whittaker, and Aaron Morris) have been even busier. They’ve taken hundreds of shots, all far better than those I could manage during the panels and chats, and they’re all collected at the TechCrunch Flickr page.

I’ve sifted through them and collected a few of what I felt were the best. Click for a slightly larger version, or head over to Flickr for the originals. Feel free to use these in any way you see fit, as long as you give credit to TechCrunch and the photographer.

The Venue

Panels and Presentations

Special Guests

At Work

After Hours

The Winners – Qwiki

Thanks to all our attendees, speakers, panelists, startups, and support staff, congratulations to Qwiki, and thanks again to our readers and viewers; we’ll see you again in the summer.