Dual-display Samsung Continuum detailed in pics

Hot on the heels of the bulk Verizon leak today, comes a bucketload of images of the Samsung Continuum. You remember the Continuum, don’t you? The one that grabbed your attention as being “a dual-screened Android-powered monster”.

I know that sparked my curiosity, so I’m rather happy that BGR now have a bunch of (quality) images showing the device and it’s handy dandy ticker-style secondary display.

When the main display is turned off, the secondary display shows updates from IM, email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and others (hopefully customisable like on LauncherPro). When the main screen is on, however, the ticker shows the current time and weather.

Now, having a screen on all the time would drain battery, right? Well, the phone also has a grip sensor, so will only turn on the ticker display when you pick up the phone.

The ticker screen serves as a much more useful version of the notifications LED on current Android devices. When notifications arrive, you will be able to see what they are at a glance, rather than having to unlock your device or remember which sound was associated with which app.

And, as you were hoping, the ticker display is also touch sensitive, so you can swipe across different updates, or tap on one to turn on the main screen and open the associated app.

The device carries the model number SCH-i400, and is a(nother) Galaxy S, so packs the same 1GHz hummingbird processor, 336MB RAM, and Super-AMOLED display (BGR also presume that it has the same camera and battery) as the Verizon Fascinate.

All in all, I think Samsung have come up with a wonderful concept for at-a-glance information, and a compelling reason to make the move to a Galaxy phone + Touchwiz UI.

You can check out more images in the gallery below.