Beerby: Find Beers Near You

Ah, beer. You’re my solace and my comfort in these trying times and I love you. But how do I find you, especially the odd and unique members of your extended family? Thankfully, there now exists BeerBy.

BeerBy is a beer tracker. You select your location, either through Foursquare integration or via a GPS map, and then tell it what beer you drank there. You get points for drinking beer and you and your friends can figure out where to find certain beers when people check in at different places.

You’re obviously dealing with crowdsourced info here (I said I drank a Bells Oberon at a Bob Evans near here, which is untrue). However, if you’re in a city with a high adoption rate it might be an interesting way to find great beers on tap.

Beerby (rhymes with “nearby”) allows beer drinkers to log and comment on the beers they drink. If you have ever wanted to keep track of the good, bad and otherwise notable beers you drink at a bar, now you can do so easily with this iPhone app. Over 30,000 beers are included in our database to get you started and help you discover new beers.

The app is free and works on iOS and in the Android market.