EA Launches FIFA 11 With New York Red Bulls Tournament

As anyone with working pair of eyes knows, EA released FIFA 11 yesterday. Far more important than Madden to EA’s global bottom line, FIFA 11 is the company’s latest chance for you take take Real Madrid to Wembley. Well, unless your name is Pedro León!

So the game came out yesterday, and EA has a fun little campaign behind it. There’s going to be some sort of tournament all over the country with players from the MLS. It kicked off last night here in New York with a few players from the New York Red Bulls.

And to be totally honest, the only players I’m familiar with on the Red Bulls are Thierry Henry and Rafa Márquez; I mainly follow the European leagues.

I still haven’t bought the game yet, so don’t expect a “review” or anything like that. I played the game a bit last night (and at other EA events here and there), and can safely say this: FIFA 11 is EA’s best effort yet. Not exactly breaking news, but there must have been something in that water at EA when they were making it because they definitely did a good job this time around.