Anything Apple can do… Samsung's European app store reaches 10m downloads in year one

Anything Apple can do… OK not quite. Nonetheless, Samsung is feeling pretty pleased with itself, announcing that its own app store – Samsung Apps – has seen 10 million downloads in Europe since its launch in September 2009. Initially available in a limited number of European (and Asian countries), including the UK, France, Germany and Italy, the handset maker’s app store now targets 109 markets worldwide, including 34 countries across Europe.

However, to put that 10 million figure into context, reminiscent of Nokia’s Ovi store, Samsung Apps is fragmented across several supported Samsung handsets and multiple platforms: Java, Windows Mobile, and the company’s newly launched bada OS. Also, right now, most of Samsung Apps’ wares appear to be of the free kind. Furthermore, Apple actually hit the 1 Billion mark in just nine months.

Moving forward, it’s bada, with the debut of its ‘Wave’ smartphone, that Samsung is planning to push – outside of Android, anyway – presenting a good opportunity for developers (or at least Samsung hopes so). Additionally, the company says it “plans to drive the creation of more locally-customized applications”, integrating relevant local information designed to reflect the “cultural characteristics” of users globally. It’s the now cliched think global, act local strategy, which could indicate not only a focus on Asia and Europe but also a keen eye on emerging markets, pitting Samsung once again head on with Nokia.

Oh, and if you’re interested, the three best selling apps in Samsung’s store: Need for Speed Shift, the car racing game (available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish); Magic Torch, which transforms your phone into, well, a torch; and My Mirror, a utility that… you get the idea.