Leaf Camera Back Hits 80MP, Is Not For You

Some say that even full frame DSLRs aren’t as good as film, because they lack the resolution. That was true, and if you were a professional landscape photographer you used a medium or large format film camera. Leaf saw that the medium format film camera market really didn’t have a decent camera back, so they developed a 80 megapixel camera back.

You read that right, 80 megapixels. The bad news is that a camera at this level will cost you $32,000. And that’s just for the back. Not only will you then need to buy a medium format camera body, you’ll then have to buy lenses. Needless to say, this type of camera set up is not for the consumer, but rather a professional who makes enough money shooting Monument Valley to pay for this level of equipment. Leaf announced two products at Photokina today, the Aptus-II 12 and the Aptus-II12R. The Aptus-II12R has an internal rotating sensor, which enables you to shoot portrait and landscape easily. Somehow, I doubt Leaf will be willing to send me one to review.

[via PopPhoto]