Angry Birds to get Retina Display support and 15 new levels soon

It’s not all that common for us to take a break from our regular, near-obsessive coverage of mobile hardware in order to cover an update to a game like Angry Birds — but given that we know at least a handful of people who break into a cold sweat and start shouting when you pry Angry Birds out of their hands, I figure there’s an audience for it.

Rovio has just pushed what they call the “Pig Fat” update to Apple, and it brings all sorts of new goodies.

The New Stuff:
– Support for Apple’s Game Center
– Retina Display support for the iPhone 4
– 15 “Tough” new levels
– A Golden Egg soundboard. Or is that Soundbird? LOL GET IT BECAUSE BOARD SOUNDS LIKE.. yeah.
– French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese,a and Japanese localization
– Optimized memory usage

The update is iPhone only for now, though the webOS build should be getting it in “the not too distant future”. Expect it to go live whenever Apple feels like giving Angry Bird addicts their fix.