Video: Russian 4G handset shows off its dual displays

While it’s tempting to start with an “In Soviet Russia…” joke, I’m going to do my part to let that meme finally get the rest it deserves.

So, with this awkward intro in mind, I present to you a video of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev handling a 4G prototype phone that has a display on both sides of the device!

While, initially, this may seem a tad superfluous, hear me out, dude: the screen on the back seems to be of the e-ink variety, meaning you have a low-power, visible-in-direct-sunlight screen on which to read War and Peace or The Brothers Karamazov during your daily commute.

Because my Russian is as rusty as Voltron’s sixth lion, I can’t really say anything in the way of specs, but this page mentions Android, and a release date “not earlier than May 2011”. You can almost guarantee that it won’t make it this side of the Iron Curtain, however.

Enough from me. On with the show!

[via Recombu]