Waiting For The New Twitter? Get A DM When You're Eligible

If you’re like me you don’t have the new Twitter yet (Wow, talk about a gradual roll-out fail. Hey dudes, I work for TechCrunch remember!). So what’s a girl to do other than stay up all night crying and manually refreshing Twitter.com until she gets a taste of that sweet sweet bifurcated screen?

Well there’s, yes, a Twitter app for that. For those of us that are still out of the split screen loop, Ryan LeFevre has made “Am I Upgraded Yet?” a simple app that direct messages you when you’re (finally) eligible to switch over.

So peace out guys, I’m going to sleep. And crossing my fingers that that DM will be there in the morning. Oh and in case you forgot, it’s @alexia.

Thanks: @pistachio and @moth