Man Travels the World With No Luggage Wearing Only SeV Gear

Author Rolf Potts, in conjunction with our buds at ScottEVest, is travelling around the world with no luggage. Instead, he’s keeping all his things in his SeV gear.

It appears he’s in South Africa right now and is literally carrying all of his clothes on his person.

If there’s a clothing item that makes me a tad nervous, it’s my t-shirts. The quick-dry polyester is convenient for laundry purposes, but the material holds body odors more readily than cotton. The shirts are holding up fine so far (just did an armpit smell-test, and I’m good as of mid-day), but I sweat a lot in warm climates, and if smell eventually becomes an issue I might have to replace one or more of the shirts. Stay tuned on that.

This is a very noble goal – to move through the world without baggage – but considering Rolf is running around with a camera man, it’s kind of disingenuous to say he’s really without baggage.