Need A Good Dance? Here, Take This: The Best Music by George & Jonathan

Remember Cave Story? Two dudes (George & Jonathan) have spent the last 5 years cranking out tunes using Cave Story’s music engine, Piston Collage — and hot damn, these are some ridiculous tracks. My foot was tapping within a few beats of the first tune; by the mid-way point, I was shaking my ass so hard that I’m pretty sure I was, for that brief moment, technically considered a deadly weapon.

It’s probably easiest to describe the tracks as chiptunes, considering that they were made with a chiptune tracker. With that said, these are on a whole different level from most of the chip stuff that is out there. When chiptune gods Anamanaguchi have a raging clue over something like this, you know it’s special.

It’s like the Casino Night Zone from Sonic 2 smashed into Flash Man’s theme from Mega Man, with a bit of Toe Jam & Earl funk thrown on top.

Really: Just listen to it.