Chatroulette Goes Limp, Again

At the risk of flogging a dead horse: Chatroulette is currently down. Again? Yes, again.

This time, no promises of an updated and redesigned version launching ‘tomorrow’ or ‘shortly’. If you’re lucky enough to even get the website address to resolve, you’ll be looking at a nice ‘403 Forbidden’ or ‘500 Internal Server Error’ page, or some nginx Web server landing page.

Which could of course mean there’s someone tinkering on the site right now and about to hit the launch button on the real next-generation, penis-free version of Chatroulette, not the underwhelming version that went live earlier this week.

Update: seems to be back up now, at least partially in some browsers. The underwhelming v2, that is.

Keep refreshing, voyeuristic boys and girls. What’s that? What do you mean you don’t care anymore? But it’s Chatroulette! It’s the future of online video communication!