iPad Orchestra Proves Not All Industries Need To Be Disrupted

Meet the iPad Orchestra, brought to you by the brand spankin’ new to the iPad App Store Seline HD. While I usually hate to be the thorn in the side of progress, if this is what the future of classical music looks like then I would like no part.

Because I’m actually into watching the fat guy with the gong awkwardly squirm all symphony long just to hit his instrument once. Somehow an iPad tap doesn’t have the same resonance, literally.

Amidio’s Seline HD, which sells for $5.99, makes this alien-like abstraction of an orchestra possible by allowing you to choose from 20 instruments voices — flutes, bowed strings, reeds, etc — and nine corded synth paths.

Unfortunately the shirts that say FLUTE, VIOLIN, etc are sold separately.

If you actually like iPad Orchestra, then you might also like Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra or “Mopho” as they like to call it. Here they are, performing at the 2009 Crunchies: