White Bull takes a snapshot of Europe's hottest tech companies

There’s a brand new tech awards in town called the Bully Award (no, it’s not for rewarding the big angry kid at school) and it’s being put together by the people behind a new European tech event organiser, White Bull Summits. Although you could be forgiven for commenting that there are plenty of tech events in Europe already, the Bully Awards are out to find Europe’s leading TMT companies. They sound a bit like the Red Herring 100 Europe, but at least they’ll have more credibility than that “title” which retains a rump of events while feeding off the long dead carcass of its editorial brand. Note that until the fall of 2009, White Bull founder Farley Duvall led all EMEA operations for Red Herring Magazine, so they’ve clearly lost one of their best people to a new and more agile startup. Bully White Bull then, huh.

Some sixty European companies are finalists in these awards. The advisors (one of whom is Robin Wauters of TechCrunch) picked a list which contains 10 Dutch companies, nine German and nine UK companies. The remaining European countries and companies represented include: Austria (1), Belgium (1), Denmark (3), Estonia (2), Finland (5), France (3), Israel (2), Lithuania (1), Luxembourg (1), Norway (1), Spain (5), Sweden (1), and Switzerland (6). So what are the Dutch putting in their water?

The finalists consist of pure early stage startups, those seeking a Series A and growth stage companies. The list also also includes Cleantech. That slightly muddies the waters a little, but it is an interesting snapshot of the wider European ‘tech’ scene.

“We’ve carefully reviewed seed, angel, early-stage and growth-stage companies and chosen those firms as finalists that we believe have demonstrated clear potential for further growth, and are particularly deserving of a moment in the spotlight” said Duvall.

Thirty winners (ten winners per category) will be announced at the inaugural, invitation-only White Bull Summit 2010 event in Barcelona, September 20 – 22.

Here’s their list:

Adform Aps – Denmark – www.adform.com
Aito Technologies – Finland – www.aitotechnologies.com
amiando – Germany – www.amiando.com
apprupt GmbH – Germany – www.apprupt.com
Automation Consultants – United Kingdom – www.automation-consultants.com
baimos technologies gmbh – Germany – www.baimos.de
Bipper – Norway – www.bipper.com
BuyVIP S.L. – Spain – www.buyvip.com
Canatu – Finland – www.canatu.com
CarryQuote – Switzerland – www.carryquote.com
Clarizen – Israel – www.clarizen.com
commercetools GmbH – Germany – www.commercetools.com
Community Internet Group Ltd. – United Kingdom – www.communityinternetgroup.com
Confidex Ltd – Finland – www.confidex.net
CuteFund.com – Estonia – www.cutefund.com
Distimo – The Netherlands – www.distimo.com
eBuddy – Netherlands – www.ebuddy.com
eCommera – United Kingdom – www.ecommera.com
Epuramat S. A. – Luxembourg – www.epuramat.com
Experteer GmbH – Germany – www.experteer.com
FinanceAcar – United Kingdom – www.financeacar.co.uk
Fits.me – Virtual Fitting Room – Estonia – www.fits.me
Geogoer Limited – Lithuania – www.geogoer.com
JayCut – Sweden – www.jaycut.com
Jog The Web – France – www.jogtheweb.com
Kryon Systems Israel www.kryonsystems.com
MADS – The Netherlands – www.mads.com
Mappyfriends – The Netherlands www.mappyfriends.com
Masabi – United Kingdom – www.masabi.com/
Museeka – Switzerland – www.museeka.com
mydeco.com – United Kingdom – www.mydeco.com
Nimbuzz – The Netherlands – www.nimbuzz.com
Nubera e-Business S.L. – Spain – www.getapp.com
plista GmbH – Germany – www.plista.com
Points Management – Austria – www.pointsmanagement.com
Q-go – The Netherlands – www.q-go.com
Qosmos – France – www.qosmos.com
Sclipo – Web Learning Applications – Spain – www.sclipo.com
SECU4 SA – Switzerland – www.secu4.com
SENSIMED AG – Switzerland – www.sensimed.ch
Severa Corp – Finland – www.severa.com
ShipServ – United Kingdom – www.ShipServ.com
Shutl – United Kingdom – www.shutl.co.uk
SMS PASSCODE A/S – Denmark – www.smspasscode.com
Solaiemes – Spain – www.solaiemes.com
sonic emotion – Switzerland – www.sonicemotion.com
SPARTOO – France – www.spartoo.com
SunglassesShop.com – United Kingdom – www.sunglassesshop.com
Tinypay.me – Nederland – www.tinypay.me
Ubidyne – Germany – www.ubidyne.com
ubitexx GmbH – Germany – www.ubitexx.com
Usabilla – The Netherlands – www.usabilla.com
VidiGo – The Netherlands – www.vidigo.tv
Vilant Systems Oy – Finland – www.vilant.com
Voxbone – Belgium – www.voxbone.com
WatchMouse bv – The Netherlands – www.watchmouse.com
WIRELESS MUNDI – Spain – www.wirelessmundi.com
yiid.com of ekaabo – Germany – www.yiid.it/
Zattoo – Switzerland – www.zattoo.com
Zmags – Denmark – www.zmags.com