SkyFire for iPhone To Be Submitted To Apple Next Week?

SkyFire. Heard of it? It’s the smartphone browser that was chewing through Flash video and other rich media long before any of the built-in browsers were supporting such things — and on a number of platforms, it’s still the only option.

We’ve known that SkyFire Labs was crackin’ away at an iPhone port for some time now — the company confirmed it after Opera got a surprise App Store thumbs up. But when would it be done? More importantly, when would it be submitted for that oh-so-important stamp of approval?

Soon, say our sources.

It’s by no means official just yet, but a pair of much-trusted little birdies have just informed me that SkyFire has just entered the final testing phase of what they intend to be the first public iPhone build, with plans to submit to Apple early next week.

SkyFire, of course, wouldn’t confirm or deny these details on the record — there’s still room for last minute bugs to jam a wrench in the gears over the weekend. But until we hear otherwise, expect SkyFire to announce their App Store submission shortly after the weekend.

Note: That’s a screenshot of the Android app, poorly photoshopped onto an iPhone. Screenshots of the iPhone app aren’t currently available.