Dubious Study: Android users are dirty, dirty cheaters

Remember that “study” from a few weeks back indicating that iPhone users are having more sexy-time than the rest of their smartphone carrying counterparts? Well, it turns out that they may just be having more of the sort of sexy-times that one would generally admit.

In an equally-quoted-for-sarcasm “study” from AshleyMadison.com (the entire purpose of which is to arrange affairs for married people), the “facts” are in: Android users just seem to love to get their cheat on.

The data:

  • Over the past month, 305,623 users have accessed the site via their smartphones
  • Of these, 143,000 were Android users, while 114,000 were iPhone users — thats 46% and 37%, respectively.

Now, ladies: before you go kicking your man to the curb because he rocks an EVO 4G, it’s probably worth noting just how terrible this study actually is. Apple has sold at least 60 million iPhones , where as Android’s current count is generally pinned somewhere around 75 million. Lets do the math: 143,000 out of 75 million Android users? 0.19%. 114,000 out of 60 million iPhones? What do you know: 0.19%.

In other words: An Android user’s propensity for the color green and desire for an unrestricted market is no indication of their drive to get some freakaleak on the side. There are just more of’em.