Waterproof Motorola "Jordan" coming to T-mobile/swimming pools in November

Not content to let Boost and Sprint get all the rugged Moto fun, T-mobile are now set to launch their own rugged Motorola handset — codenamed “Jordan” — come November. But here’s the cool part, it’s going to be IP67 rated, which means it’s fully submersible in water.

BGR broke the news, and claim that the phone will be submersible to 10m, but — judging my my quick read of the Wikipedia article I just linked to — the IP67 certification only covers submersion to 1m. So, I guess it’s only unofficially able to cope with a 10m dive?

No matter, as long as this rating covers full submersion in pint glasses/toilets, then this looks like a phone that could come in handy on those long and dangerous weekend journeys I often undertake.

[image also gimped from BGR: was too rad to resist]