Marin Software Integrates Facebook Ads Into Paid Search Management Platform

Marin Software, a startup that creates search engine management software for advertisers and agencies, is now offering advanced applications for advertising on Facebook.

Marin’s Search Marketer platform now offers advertisers and agencies the ability to manage Facebook Ads alongside paid search programs on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Advanced solutions for Facebook include algorithmic bidding, audience segmentation, and ad rotation features. Campaigns on Facebook can be segmented by gender, age, geography, or even likes and interests of audiences.

Marin’s software is used by 180 companies including Razorfish, and Macy’s who are both using Marin to target Facebook users. Marin’s customers spend at least $100,000 per month on paid search campaigns across the major search engines, with Marin’s software automatically bidding more than 350 million keywords each night.

As we wrote last week, ad spending on Facebook is expected to reach $1.3 billion in 2010. Integrations on popular search platforms like Marin’s offering should help Facebook reach that goal.